Tilt Turn

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Generally speaking, tilt turn windows are more popular in European homes than in American homes, but they do offer the most versatility with regard to ventilation options. The “tilt” allows the upper sash to turn inward like a hopper, while the “turn” allows the entire window to open like an inward-swinging casement.

  • The “tilt” position guarantees ventilation without fear of rain entering the room. This position is also ideal with regard to safety around small children while ventilating a room.
  • Tilt turns utilize a multi-lock system, which not only serve as draft-free protection, but also additional safety features.
  • Because the “turn” position acts as a casement, tilt turns are very easy to clean and can be utilized as an egress window.
  • Tilt turn windows are not considered to be the most user friendly, and it’s important to take note of its location. To fully utilize its features, regard it as an inward-swinging casement so that it has the capability to completely open wherever you place it.