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Entry doors are the key gateway to entering one’s home. There are three things to take into account when considering an entry door:

  1. It is almost always the only exterior fenestration that a visitor stares at, and will continue to stare at until the door is answered.
  2. It is almost always the only structure of a house that a visitor will touch.
  3. It could potentially be the only feature-esque component to a house, depending on the architectural style of the home. It is definitely considered to be one of the most prominent features to a home.

Style, size, complexity, design; there are so many aspects to take into consideration when selecting an entry door. Your decision has the potential to convey opulence and elegance, stateliness, and of course, personality. If neglected, the entry door could portray a sense of indifference, such that the entry door represents nothing more than functionality. It’s also important to account for the architectural style of the home in relation to the entry door in mind.