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A casement window is a window that is attached to its frame by one or more of its hinges. A traditional casement window is hinged on its side, but there are various types of casement windows, including awnings (hinged at the top), hoppers (hinged at the bottom), bays and bows (often fixed).

  • An operating casement window is opened with a crank operator, handle or lever.
  • They are ideal for hard to open reaches, such as placement over a kitchen sink, where something like a double hung window might be difficult to access.
  • A casement window’s sash opens fully, which in turn provides maximum ventilation and ease of cleaning the interior and exterior panes.
  • An operating casement’s sash also forms an airtight seal upon closing, which makes it the second most energy efficient window following a fixed window.
  • Different styles of casement windows include French, arch top, and push-out. Ask our architectural consultants for more detail on the array of options.