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A slider window, also referred to as a glider, operates via rolling/sliding on a track. Though they’re not as airtight as casement or double hung, they have their own set of benefits:

  • Most sliders are fairly easier to clean and maintain because the panes can be lifted, swung and/or removed from of the tracks.
  • The most convenient aspect of a slider is its placement ability, especially in tight spaces where a swinging window would encounter some sort of obstacle. Arguably, they’re also easier to open than a double hung in areas that are harder for someone to access.
  • A slider always has at least one operable sliding lite; hence why it’s called a slider. However, a slider can have multiple operating lites, if desired. The styles in which the lites stack behind one another also vary.
  • Sliders do have the capability of incorporating a screen, but most screen options are limited to fixed and sliding screens.