Feature Windows

Tower Windows & Doors excels in window customization. Choose from an extensive range of screens, grilles and hardware to uniquely define your windows.

A feature window is a window designed to draw attention to itself on the face of a home or building, often to break up the monotony of a facade. It can range from a simplistic to elaborately embellished designs, sizes ranging from small to large. You’ll also find that many houses and buildings have multiple feature windows. The easiest example would be a stained glass window for a church. A quick trick to identify feature windows is to stand on the street facing a home. Take note of which window(s) attract your attention best. Chances are, you’re taking note of the feature window(s) for that particular façade.

Feature windows typically start in a specific location, especially with regard to a specific architectural style of a house. There are also certain architectural styles, such as Colonial or Federal homes, that occasionally do not include feature windows. Because that particular style can carry its own aesthetic, a feature window may look garish and out of place. The experts at Tower Windows & Doors have over two decades of experience in the aesthetics of homes and buildings, not to mention an impressive repertoire of feature windows that Tower has actually designed with and for our customers. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your own artistic vision with our skilled staff.