Sliding Doors

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Just like a slider window, a sliding door operates via rolling/sliding on a track. Though a slider isn’t as airtight as a swinging door, it comes with its own set of perks:

  • Unsurprisingly, sliding doors are one of the best options for maximum clear glass viewing area, which also makes their interior and exterior surfaces easy to clean.
  • Though the door’s handle prevents the operating side of the sliding door from fully stacking upon its fixed counterpart, sliding doors are usually wider than a typical swinging door, making it a more convenient method of moving furniture and other large objects in and out of the house.
  • Sliding doors are designed to allow more natural light in a room. This also creates an illusion that a room has more space, especially if connected to a patio or small backyard.
  • Sliders do have the capability of incorporating a screen, but most screen options are limited to roll screens.